Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals

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Who and where are we?


RRANA (Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals) is a group of volunteers dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned native animals and birds.

The members of the group undergo training in the care of these animals.

While RRANA is based in Broken Hill, the area we cover stretches up to the Queensland border and ends halfway between Broken Hill and Mildura.  We have members in Tibooburra, Ivanhoe and Whitecliffs.


What do members of RRANA do?

  • School Talks:  Children are the future.  They should be encouraged to appreciate and protect the local environment.
  • Community Talks:  This allows members to promote RRANA within the local community and educate people about the best way to handle injured and distressed animals.
  • Fund Raising;  RRANA is not government funded.  The group relies on the generosity of the public and local businesses, fundraising and hardwork.
  • Caring for Animals:  Our main concern is the care of orphaned, injured and sick animals
  • Rescues:  Because animals are often injured and/or distressed when they come into contact with humans we are often called on to rescue an animal.

Important Notice

In the far west, kangaroos and emus are found on the roads throughout the day and night; however, they are more common between dusk and dawn.  Please use extreme care when travelling on our roads. 

Please report all injured wildlife. 

Please check the pouches of dead female kangaroos, it is an unpleasant death for a little joey inside its dead mother's pouch. 




How can you help?

You can become a member:  New members are always welcome.  Members do not have to care for animals, they can assist with fundraising, sewing and emergency care.  Please contact RRANA for more information.

Donations are always welcome:  Feel free to direct deposit donations to RRANA BSB: 082 937 Account No. 87 358 8528, donations can be posted to RRANAs address on the contact  page or phone the RRANA phone. 

Report injured Wildlife:  Please contact the RRANA phone if you become aware of a sick, injured, orphaned or distressed bird or animal in the Broken Hill area.  For other areas there are other wildlife organisations.  For instance, Wires, is the largest animal care group in Australia.



Can anyone rescue an animal?

Yes.  Anyone can rescue an injured, orphaned or distressed animal.  However, it is illegal to hold native fauna without permission from National Parks and Wildlife.  RRANA has a licence to rescue, foster and rehabilitate native animals.

The ultimate aim for all RRANA members is to release their charges back into the wild.  RRANA's licence does not mean that members can keep the animals in care permanently.