Here are some of our pictures...

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Photo Gallery

We hope you enjoy the photos.


The Dynamic Duo...

Teri, a Red and Murray, an Eastern Grey became the best of pals and were released together (with a few other kangaroos) in January 2005.

Boobok Owl

Two of these little guys came in within a week of each other.  Happily both were successfully released.

A Wedge Tailed Eagle

This majestic bird is still in care but doing well. (Successfully released)

Anna - The Red 'Roo

Anna- Some kangaroos are just special.

A Macquarie Turtle

He was found wandering around a busy road.  He was rescued and released in a nearby dam.


Dianna and two of her charges.  Maggie and the Raven.

Eddie- A Western Grey

Eddie will be released after winter.  He came in as a very small pinky.  Hard work and perserverence has so far paid off.

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